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Splitterwerk Architects, in collaboration with Strategic Science Consult of Germany, ARUP and Colt International have taken green walls to the next level by creating an algae façade which harnesses energy and provides power for the building within.

The algae is enclosed in bio-reactive louvers (panels) which allow the algae to survive and grow, and in turn provide shade for the exterior of the building. Heat energy is trapped by the louvers which is then harvested and used to power the structure.

Noain City Hall, Spain

Image Source: ArchDaily

Image Source: ArchDaily

This new town hall in Noain City, Spain has been designed with a surrounding green façade that has benefits for cooling and air filtration with an energy consumption saving of 60%.

It has been built to obtain the highest levels of sunlight in all areas. The center of the building is an empty space covered by a skylight and the wall divisions of each room do not meet ceiling allowing the sunlight to reach all spaces.The external facades are designed to represent a double skin; glass inwards and a grid of steel bars on the outside.






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