Heritage Place Making

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Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour


Matthew Taylor’s recognised heritage expertise has been brought into use as the head of the AILA Landscape Heritage Group (NSW). The group was successful in gaining a grant from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage in their NSW Heritage Grants Program for the listing of 10 significant landscapes in NSW.


Victoria Barracks & Admiralty House, Sydney

Victoria Barracks & Admiralty House, Sydney


The group has recently organised a very successful workshop at Tusculum, a significant heritage house in Potts Point that saw 30 AILA members and invited guests contribute to what places matter. A lively debate ensured on what is significant, the importance of connection to place. Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a very strong sense of connection to their ancestral land. Indeed, Aboriginal sense of place does not include the word Landscape, their association with the land is spiritually based this coming from being close and dependent on the land to live.

The locations of the lighthouses for example along the NSW Coast are spiritual places for the local aboriginal tribes as these promontories were where fires were lit for the purposes of night fishing.  The critical engagement and acknowledgement of aboriginal placemaking and what it means to our relationship with our land.

The project is in its early research and scoping phase, and aims to identify significant cultural landscapes. The study will also address important heritage conservation areas, heritage curtilages and smaller scale gardens, trees and items that may be suitable for listing on the State Heritage Register.

Raising awareness to Landscape Architects and the wider community is an important goal of the study. Heritage consultants MHQ have been engaged to prepare a study to identify state significant landscapes.

Further information available at AILA Heritage Workshop


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