Nestor Lives Again

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Embracing the rich culture of the inner west and paring it with modern playground design, the new neighbourhood park in Leichhardt has become the new favourite spot for families, friends and locals.

The historically titled ‘Nestor’ site, deep within the Leichhardt neighbourhood, has managed to highlight significant parts of its colourful history, through a range of design elements.

The park features a memory frame of the house called Nestor that once stood on the site. The entry to the house has been re created in a outline steel portal and the traditional tiles of the Victorian era that once lined the entry porch now welcome the community.  The portal of the house allows stainless steel wires to facilitate flowering and scented vines that in time will form a shaded arbor.


In the early 19th Century the land which the park now currently sits on, was owned by Captain John Piper who was renowned for his large real estate portfolio through the early colonial period. Captain Piper also owned a number of significant sites in Sydney including Henrietta Villa (also called the Naval Pavilion),  the property now known as Vaucluse House and land in George Street. He went broke in the 1830’s.


Colourful community murals celebrate the sites history with the theme of the sites history of local uses (including the piggery which was one of the former land uses).  These themes are integrated into the playful memory walls supporting a range of play opportunities from toddlers to teenage activities. Swings, a basketball hoop, climbing elements flow through the park with bespoke timber pigs, timber seating pods and a sound tube complement the brightly coloured banded soft fall throughout the park.


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