The Flame House comes home

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Connecting with nature and the world

How do you combine a lemon tree, crushed terracotta tiles, fish pond, bush tucker and sustainability all in one? The team at the University of Wollongong has achieved this in world winning entry at the Solar Decathlon held in Datong China last year.


Nestled alongside the SBRC, the Illawarra Flame House plays an integral part at the Innovation Campus

Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects as design partners provided the links between ecology and architecture in this winning project. The zero footprint and self-sustaining house has now returned to its permanent home at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus, a world class award winning research and commercial precinct. After being constructed, de-constructed and packed up, re constructed in China, then deconstructed and re-packed, the house has been finally re constructed (for the final time!) at the Innovation Campus in Wollongong.

Flame House System


Located adjacent to the recently completed Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC); the Illawarra Flame House demonstrates the principles embodied in the philosophy of the SBRC. Now an integral part of the Innovation Campus, the Flame house will be at home in the Illawarra and linked to the world. The landscape design approach by Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects was an integral part of Team UOW’s core philosophy of inspiring the Australian community to embrace sustainable and retrofitting technology to produce a stylish and contemporary design outcome.

Retrofitting Technology

The Illawarra Flame House design embraces sustainability and retrofitting technology.


Core Australian values of love of nature, open spaces and outdoor entertaining were incorporated in the landscape design that embodies a sense of place, employing native plants of the adjacent natural area of Puckeys Estate.

The house will be occupied so that the energy usage can be monitored and the data utilised by the SBRC .In future years the University of Wollongong intends to develop more advanced houses and compete in future Solar Decathlons. A small ‘street’ of world beating technology will emerge to reinforce the reputation of the campus as a world leader in sustainability.

Embracing native plants

Landscape design incorporates native plants of the adjacent Puckeys Estate harnessing Australian core values of love of nature.

Embracing the living environment in a sustainable manner, this unassuming house and surrounds will provide the opportunity for visiting overseas professionals and academics to experience first-hand the contribution that the Illawarra Flame House can make to our environment and our future.


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